Robot chefs with Michelin-star skills are coming to your kitchen

Here’s what’s cookin’ in the world of technology: Robot chefs who can prepare Michelin restaurant-type grub for you, will soon be taking over your kitchen — at least if an innovative UK-based company, Moley Robotics has its way. The firm is currently crowd-funding to raise $1.2 million (they are 70 percent there already) to bring their fully-automated and intelligent cooking system to market.

For those who ever wished they had a hand in the kitchen, Moley’s flagship product uses a pre-installed set of intelligent mechanical arms to prevent you from ever getting hangry. The system is designed to will learn recipes — it comes with an arsenal of various high-end menu options — prep and cook them. The robot chef will even clean up afterwards! Sounds quite tasty (except for the unfortunate name!).

Your Moley can learn your favorite recipes, as well and even teach you how to cook the meals yourself (but why would you ever want to lift a finger again to do meal prep?)

According to a video on InsideHook, just select your desired menu remotely and let Moley do it’s thing. You just bring home the bacon, and they fry it up in the pan! [Inside Hook]