The Beatrice Inn gets its groove back


When chef Angie Mar bought Beatrice Inn in August from legendary Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, she was praying for a renaissance. Despite the eatery’s rich history — it opened originally in the 1920s as a speakeasy and has changed hands many times over the years — was in serious need of a facelift.

For one, she planned to make the restaurant far less pretentious. [We suspect that will make the Post’s Steve Cuozzo very happy.]

“We have done away with the dress code. We have done away with the ‘no photography’ rule [previously emblazoned on the bottom of the menu],” she explained.

And in “new-phone, who-dis?”-news, “There is a landline here. People can actually call us [212-675- 2808].” she says. [We suspect this will also make Cuozzo rejoice.]

“Before, it was more about the fashion crowd,” says Mar. “Now it’s all about food.”

Mar is rolling out family-style sharing dishes and duck flambéed table side, as well as a hearty meat pie. “I’m not a big fan of vegetables,” she admits.

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 12.43.19 PM

In addition she has diversified the wine offerings.

Although less pretentious, don’t expect celebs to stay away. While they are not her sole focus — “We cook for celebrities all the time. But I get really excited cooking for chefs,” she says — they are coming in droves.

Diane von Furstenberg hosted a dinner for designer Jonathan Saunders at the chophouse as part of NYFW. In addition director Baz Luhrmann and Emma Stone have recently been spotted there. [NYP]