This new product could take your shower thoughts to the next level


I’m not a morning person. I’ve often described waking up as reminiscent of being on the receiving end of an unwanted knuckle sandwich. In a daze, I’ll waddle to the shower, half dreaming, behind schedule. And as a matter of efficiency, here is where I brush my teeth.

Because of this, brushing my teeth has morphed into a semi-philosophical activity. Many of us think more deeply in the shower. No doubt it’s where Einstein discovered relativity and Picasso decided to swap the nose with the ear. But my shower thoughts were recently improved by an very unusual product: a caffeinated toothpaste.

Young brunette woman, age 20-25 looking tired and falling asleep while brushing her teeth.
Young brunette woman, age 20-25 looking tired and falling asleep while brushing her teeth.

Dubbed Power Toothpaste, the lightly minty toothpaste promises to give you “a rush while you brush.” Founded by Dan Meropol and Ian Nappier, and launched by a $40,000 crowdfunding campaign, Power is just hitting the consumer market now.

“I stumbled upon an ADA study, which said that fewer than half of Americans brush twice per day,” Meropol told LLNYC. “I was so surprised by this, that I started discussing ideas with Ian about how to incentivize people to take better care of their teeth. Ian suggested a caffeinated toothpaste – and immediately tried making some in his kitchen.”

But if you are apprehensive, good. You should be.

Like so many university veterans, I’ve had my share of negative experiences with other caffeine products — pills or what have you. Naturally, I was afraid that the toothpaste would leave me jittery or nauseated.

I’ve been using the toothpaste daily for two weeks or so now, and here are my tasting notes.

First, the effect is very subtle  — sometimes so subtle I wondered if it could be placebo effect. To make sure it wasn’t a quirk of my biology, I forced it upon my friends and their number one complaint is that they didn’t feel anything.

So while, it definitely couldn’t replace coffee or tea for me, I do notice a nice sharpening of my senses after brushing in the morning.

It also has me brushing my teeth more frequently and at strange times. Now, if I am flagging, I think “maybe I’ll go brush my teeth.” So if you are a sleepy slob that struggles with basic hygiene, this could be for you. As for me, it’s been a nice addition to my productivity arsenal.

The one drawback I found was that it doesn’t seem to foam like a normal toothpaste. So from a “Function A” perspective, I wouldn’t make this my primary toothpaste. Besides, you’ll need something different for before bed — I’m a Euthymol man.

“We have heard the foaming comment occasionally, though most people (myself included) don’t notice it,” Meropol said. “Rest assured our toothpaste cleans your teeth just like any standard toothpaste does, with very similar ingredients.”

Power Toothpaste retails for $15 a tube (or $25 for two tubes & free shipping) here.