Proof that the Queen’s corgis eat better than you do

We have long suspected that everyone under Buckingham Palace’s roof lives like royalty, and now we know for sure. The former royal chef Darren McGrady has dished to Hello! magazine about Her Majesty’s pampered corgis and their exclusive menu (which includes food that was freshly hunted by Prince William and Prince Harry ).

“When I worked at the palace, we actually had a royal menu for the dogs. It would be chosen and sent to us in the kitchen every month by Mrs Fennick, who took care of all the dogs at Sandringham.” McGrady told Hello!.

“Every day the Queen’s footman would come down to the kitchen at around two or three in the afternoon, and take the dog food upstairs to feed the royal corgis. They each had their own bowls,” he said. “The Queen would feed them herself, I think after she’d had her tea.”

The 90-year-old monarch is famously fond of her corgis. She was given her first when she was 18, and is thought to have owned over 30 throughout her 64-year-reign. [Hello!]