Apparently wildlife in New York City is an actual problem

And here we thought the only wilderness New Yorkers ever encountered were bugs thrown at them by performance artists on the subway.

Apparently, we were wrong because the Parks department announced today that they will be creating a wildlife unit that “will focus on finding ways New Yorkers can live peacefully with our wild neighbors,” according to DNA Info. No, they are not referring to your neighbor who makes mysterious clanging noises at 3 a.m.

The actual name of this agency will be the Urban Park Rangers Wildlife Unit, which sounds to us like the name of a Will Farrell movie. Animals that have cropped up and wreaked havoc on the city include coyotes in Queens, Manhattan and The Bronx, raccoons in Harlem, hawks in Queens and deer in Staten Island.

While the animals may require some oversight by the agency, its director shared with DNA Info what the real purpose of the Urban Park Rangers is. “It’s managing human behavior as much as it is managing the animals.” [DNA Info]