Grace Kelly’s childhood home has a plaque that honors … her brother

Over the weekend, Prince Albert of Monaco purchased his mother, Grace Kelly’s, childhood home in Philadelphia. A heartwarming tale, sure, and the stately home sure is lovely.

But the listing photos also reveal a rather interesting sign on the property that was erected to commemorate the Kelly family.

As you can see, the sign (which is from 2012, by the way) first mentions Kelly’s father, John B. Kelly, who built the house, and then goes on to honor her brother, John Jr., who won a bronze medal at the 1956 Olympics and something called the 1947 British Henley Regatta. “Both father and son were named to US Rowing and Olympic Halls of Fame.”

There is no mention of Grace Kelly until the last two lines, which read almost like an afterthought: “Daughter Grace was an Academy Award winning actress and Princess of Monaco.”

Um, ya she was. She was also a style icon, an incredible actress AND BY FAR THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON TO HAVE EVER LIVED IN THIS HOUSE.