Go back to school to learn about the world’s most luxurious foods

Everyone knows caviar and truffles are expensive, but what about pasta? Or grapes? Or potatoes?

Believe it or not, there is a most expensive type of each of those foods, and Francine Segan, a food historian and cookbook author, will be discussing all of them and more at a lecture she is giving at the 92nd Street Y on the “World’s Most Luxurious Foods.”

The talk will include tastings of Monograno Felicetti pasta, made using spring water from the Dolomite Mountains; Urbani Truffles, the largest truffle manufacturer in the world; Calvisius caviar, whose vice president, John Knierim, will join the talk; and Venchi Chocolates, which are made in the Piedmont region of Italy (“the cradle of fancy chocolates in Italy,” according to Segan).

As is the case with most luxury products, each of these has a very interesting backstory, and Segan is such a dynamic speaker that you’ll find yourself pondering facts about caviar chocolates long after you’ve left the classroom.

The talk happens on November 1st; anyone interested in attending can register here.