LLNYC’s favorite new designer reveals his top interior design trends

Looking for some design inspiration? You’re in luck. Jack Menashe, the founder and CEO of Menashe Design, one of New York City’s newest interior design firms, has given LLNYC his top interior design trends of the year.

Despite leading one of the city’s newest firms, Menace has a whole lifetime of experience in fashion, retail and design under his belt. In fact, he was also the brains behind Limelight Marketplace, the chic mall in the notorious Chelsea club.

But most importantly, he’s got a very keen eye for design.

Warm Metals

“In the kitchen, bathroom, and all over the house, the use of different metals has been a hit. Brass, copper, gold, and steel evoke a warm feeling and can be used in interesting ways. With brass light fixtures, gold kitchen stools, a copper bathtub, metal wired tables, and metal accents along the walls, there are so many ways to incorporate this look into your home.”

Graphic Tiles

“Tiles with different patterns and materials are one of my favorite trends right now. You can create a beautiful pattern and use the tile in custom flooring, backsplashes, and even accent walls. For a unique floor design, create an inlay mosaic within the perimeter of the room or just in one section, or you can use a contrasting border around the room.”

Marble Accents

“Marble is one of the hottest trends right now. The best way to incorporate marble is through different accent pieces. There are coasters, side tables, trays, plates, and I’ve even seen several white marble clocks. This look is simultaneously simple and sophisticated.”

Mix-matched Materials

“In kitchens and living rooms alike, mixing patterns and materials creates energy in a room. Contrasting stone and wood countertops, different appliance materials, backsplash tiling, and flooring are all ways [of] mix-matching in the kitchen. For living rooms, try using different patterns among the rug, couch material, throw pillows and blankets, as well as the walls.”

Natural Ambiance

“This year we brought the indoors outside and the outdoors inside. Natural wood tables and outdoor furniture patterns were used in homes among a variety of plants. Large windows were added for views of the outdoors, as well. This summer, our backyards and patios became as comfortable as our living rooms with special furniture and outdoor fire pits.”

Rounded Furniture

“Round coffee tables, countertops with rounded edges, and sofas with rounded arms gained popularity this year. [The] round look is very inviting.”

Blues and Pinks

“Even noted as the colors of the year by Pantone, pink and blue rooms are everywhere. Dusty pinks and soft blues act like neutral colors while decorated with natural, wood furniture to create a look of sophistication.”


“Natural materials, uncluttered spaces, modern furniture, and handmade objects create a minimalist look for a space. The minimalist approach makes the room feel like it has been personally customized, and who wouldn’t want a customized home?”