Historic West Village speakeasy Chumley’s has finally reopened


The West Village’s iconic speakeasy, Chumley’s is finally set to reopen after nine long years.

Following its shuttering after a wall collapse in 2007, much controversy ensued.
Construction was delayed for years and local residents launched a lawsuit to prevent it from reopening. However, that lawsuit has just been dismissed and Chumley’s is set to rise again in all it’s glory albeit with some changes.

Grubstreet reports the original building at 86 Bedford had to be rebuilt. The establishment is now under new management — Sushi Nakazawa owner Alessandro Borgognone will take the helm although with former owner Jim Miller who has stayed on as a minority owner. In addition, Chumley’s is now a full-fledged restaurant –complete with new fangled online reservatiions — with a food menu from chef Victoria Blamey such as burgers with bone marrow, chicken al cognac and beef tartare with hazelnuts. Although it’ll maintain its 1920’s vibe, drink will be given a more modern spin as well.

Thankfully one thing has remained the same: Opening the figurative door to the past will be that much easier considering the new management kept Chumley’s original literal one.