You can now stay in a Frank Lloyd Wright home for only $150-a-night

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Always dreamed about living in a Frank Lloyd Wright home? Well now you (kind of) can! The staff quarters at the famed architect’s Cooke home in Virginia Beach have just been listed on Airbnb for a mere $150-a-night.

Wright designed the home in 1951 for the couple Maude and Andrew Cooke. According to the Airbnb listing, Maude wrote to Wright in one of her letters: “Dear Mr. Wright, Will you please help us get the beautiful house we have dreamed of for so long?” Construction on the house started in 1959, and was finished in 1960 (a year after Wright’s death).

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The Cooke’s lived in the house for 23 years, and since they left, the current owners (the Duhls) have updated it extensively, adding air conditioning, a “swim spa” and two docks.

The listing, we should be clear, is for the staff suite, not the full house, but the Duhls say they “enjoy the hosting and conversations with our guests,” which we assume is code for giving a tour of the historic property.

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The Duhls!
The Duhls!