A look inside Trump’s new dump

Even Trump has been forced to dump his badly damaged brand. Last week, Trump Hotels announced that their new millennial-targeted hotels will not bare the controversial Presidential candidate’s name. Instead, they will be called “Scion.” CLASSY!

That means Trump’s new D.C. hotel may be the very last to have his named emblazoned in gold letters above the entrance — or one can hope.

And at this point in the election cycle, many of us have been over Trump for so long that it’s almost time to look back with a little nostalgia. So, for those of you who are in need of a dose of luxury a la Trump, we present a look inside his flashy D.C. inn.

Trump International Hotel #washingtondc #washington

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The hotel is in a beautiful historic building that once house the U.S. Postal Service.

Keeping safely out of groping distance! #election2016 #dcsightseeing

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And obviously anything Trump attracts lots of media attention.

What it’s like to cover anything Donald Trump-related in 2016.

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And protesters.

But there seem to been good snacks and fancy champagne swordsmen.

Afternoon tea is served in our Benjamin bar & lounge Thursday – Sunday 1-4 PM. #afternoontea #Bernardaud

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Drumpf Hotel

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Wedding wonderful #TrumpDC #dcwedding #weddingday #Trumpwedding #washingtondc 📸: @digginthedc

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It’s actually quite pretty.

Trump Tower…RIP Old Poste (protests below not pictured) #trumptower #trump2016 #imwithher

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Still, screw it.

Fuck that guy #AlbieDoesDC #AlbiesWorld #ImWithHer #nevertrump🚫

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