Waiter, there’s a wire brush in my coq au vin (and it’s from Daniel Boulud!)

Renowned chef and LLNYC cover star Daniel Boulud has found himself in some hot water, and we don’t mean the bouillon kind.

According to the New York Post, a Manhattan jury has hit the chef’s Midtown restaurant, db Bistro Moderne, with a $1.3 million fine for allegedly serving a diner a piece of wire brush in a $32 plate of coq au vin.

Retired lawyer Barry Brett was dining at the restaurant in February 2015 when he swallowed the one-inch bristle, likely from a Chinese-made wire brush used to clean the dishes. His attorney, Elizabeth Eilender, told the Post that he nearly died from a resulting infection.

“In speaking with the jurors afterwards, they were shocked that one of the most famous chefs in the world had no oversight, no polices, no procedures, no nothing which would have prevented this incident from occurring,” said Eilender.

The restaurant’s lawyer P.J. Bottarri told the Post that he will be appealing the verdict.

Along with db Bistro Moderne, Boulud owns a number of restaurants across New York City and worldwide. He’s most famous for his Michelin-starred eponymous Daniel on East 65th Street. [NYP]