Developers are obsessed with spraying custom scents in buildings — but what if you don’t like them?


The beach, sandalwood, the rain: everyone has a favorite smell, and some developers are hoping tapping into that scent might lead to major sales.

According to the New York Times, developers have become obsessed with spraying signature scents in the lobbies and even apartments of their new buildings. Mainly, it seems, to allow potential buyers to forget all about the grosser smells of the larger world.

“If you walk into a building that has the most beautiful architecture and the most incredible design you’ve ever seen, and it smells like the pollution and the trash outside in New York City, you’re not having a luxury experience,” a scent director who has designed scents for buildings told the Times.

The problem with adding these smells to buildings, though, is that, well, some people may not like them. For one thing, scent is so associated with memory it’s possible that something that smells great to you will remind someone else of the worst time in their life. And if you are having a particularly bad day when you first sniff the scent, maybe you’ll forever associate it with your grumpy mood. And some people are allergic to fragrances or simply don’t like it.

After all, the smell of “pollution and trash” may not be appealing to some, but to a true New Yorker, it does smell like home. [NYT]