Thomas Keller is serving up Michelin-starred hotdogs in London

First, Jean Georges started slinging hotdogs outside the Mark Hotel, and now Thomas Keller, the famous chef behind Per Se is getting in on the wiener action.

Keller, who made headlines earlier in the year when Per Se was on the receiving end of a scathing New York Times review, has teamed up with Bubbledogs, a London restaurant that dishes up the not-so-classic combination of Champagne and hot dogs.

According to Bloomberg, Keller’s “Surf n’ Turf” will make its debut in December.

“We went Americana for this dog,” Keller said to Bloomberg. “We start with a traditional buttered brioche, like you’d find in a New England lobster roll. We layer the bun with house-made dill pickles, and then, for the ‘relish,’ we top the dog with chilled lobster salad and garnish it all with micro celery leaves.”

His creation will cost £12 ($14.60) and be available throughout the month. [Bloomberg]