Gawk at the scariest NYC property listings on the market right now


New Yorkers have a lot of real estate fears: gentrification, crane mishaps and diabolical landlords, to name a few. But just in time for Halloween, data and listings site Streeteasy has curated the scariest properties currently on the market in our fair city today. Perfect for buyers hoping to scare up some deals. Whether they have outrageous prices, odd features or just plain hideous photos, these homes will have you cowering in your boots as if you just saw a pack of creepy clowns.


Address: 27 N Burgher Avenue, Staten Island
Price: $415,200
As if being located in Staten Island isn’t scary enough, this home also boasts plastic-ensconced furniture and a ghoulish color scheme that screams “REDRUM”.


Address: 2263 East 65th Street, Mill Basin, Brooklyn
Price: $949,000
The carpet in this Mill Basin home with its fire motif will have you sure you are in the depths of hell. We were shocked to see it has been on the market for 99 days — we were expecting it to be 666.


Address: 2735 East 66th Street
Price: $1,199,000
If clutter, overstuffed furniture and fake flowers for days are your thing, feast your eyes on this Brooklyn parlor for the paranormal with its full-on funeral parlor vibe. At $1.2 million, fake flowers certainly don’t come cheap. For that price we’d expect them to at least throw in a Ouija board.