A Swiss firm can now make diamond jewelry out of your deceased relatives


This Halloween season, don’t just see dead people, wear them. A Swiss company has found a way to turn your dearly departed’s ashes into jewelry. We first heard about this sort of thing earlier this year when a conceptual artist turned a famous architect’s ashes into a huge diamond ring. Now the NY Post reports that regular people can do this too, by sending the ashes of their loved ones to ALGORDANZA in Switzerland, where they will turn the carbon in the deceased into diamonds.

“We made a diamond out of our great-grandmother to get her back into our family,” one happy client chillingly explains in the Post’s video. “She would always go with me the places I go…only possible when you are a diamond,” he continues.

Scientists have figured out a way to recreate the diamond-making process and manufacture similar conditions that occur in nature to transform ashes into jewels.

The gems start at $5,000. Surely having your grandmother wrapped around your finger is worth much more than that!

The client advises not wearing one’s relative just anywhere, say out to drinks with the guys. Instead, he suggests it is best to reserve wearing one’s deceased relative out on special occasions — like to a casino to bring you luck.

You can’t make this stuff up!