What will Trump do if he if loses the election?


While no one knows for sure which of our presidential candidates will win the election, Vanity Fair offers its speculations in a recent piece — that would be far more entertaining if turned into a drinking game

Four post-election loss scenarios are analyzed for the Ole Orange One, ranging from good, to bad, to downright ugly. Take a walk with us down the various levels of Trump’s Inferno.

The first and best case scenario is that Trump slithers back under the rock from which he came and gets back to business as usual. After a meta-tweeting barrage launched at himself in which he calls himself a “loser” in a sort of Trumpian Fight Club, the Donald would simply go back to his real estate biz. In a kinder, gentler world he’d immediately concede, offering mad props to Madam President and hightail it out of there for an extended vacay at Mar-a-lago to work on his tan.

Because the first option is highly unlikely, perhaps the GOP candidate will go back to business but continue to keep his Twitter hand and big mouth strong, being as outspoken as he has been during the campaign season. With millions of passionate fans clamoring for more Trumpian wisdom and guidance on the reg, perhaps he will continue to be the mascot of U.S. conservative populism in the longer term.

However, Vanity Fair points out that continuing to have all the sass and verve without the power to actually influence anything could leave Trump looking impotent. And the impotent are losers. As a result, maybe DJT will do what he does best: continue to live his life like an ongoing episode of reality tv. Enter: Trump TV. It is reported to already be in the works and his Facebook page boasts (read: threatens) a nightly livestream with three hosts.

Because launching an actual broadcast station takes mad cash and tons of fortitude, it might be easier for Trump to stick to a more benign online streaming.

The worst case scenario for our feckless non-leader would be that he face real legal trouble. “Indictment, state or federal, isn’t out of the question,” speculates the publication. With more women coming forward with allegations of sexual assault, coupled with possible fraud charges connected with his Trump University fail, perhaps we’ll be seeing him wearing something the shade of his skin.

Regardless of the outcome, it will all be over soon. Or will it? After this frenzied and contentious campaign season, it is quite possible our collective nation experiences a post-election PTSD. [Vanity Fair]