Stratajet wants to make flying private mainstream in the U.S.

Don’t you hate being stuck in a meeting that never seems to end? It makes you feel like just getting away from it all, even if just for an evening. Well, doing just that is now much easier and cheaper than ever before. Stratajet, a private jet-booking platform operating in 44 countries in Europe, is making its U.S. debut.

Say you want to leave your meeting and have dinner in Martha’s Vineyard, or Miami, or Chattanooga and be back the next day, well rested for the new day’s work. Stratajet’s app allows you to enter a time and a location and compare among a host of private jet options. You can the chose between jets and prices in real time.

We are all relatively used to this kind of booking technology for other means of travel, whether its for a private car, a commercial flight or a boat. But until now, booking a private jet, working with an operator, coming to a price and coordinating with the airport has always required a private club-type service or a broker.

Founder and CEO Jonny Nicol, a former British Armed Forces officer, developed the technology that provides instantly bookable private jet results at accurate prices. And by making much more efficient calculations and removing the broker, Stratajet has also significantly reduced the cost of flying private.

“Gone are the days of having to wait for a broker to return quotes over the phone,” Nicol said U.S. launch event in Midtown Manhattan. “Stratajet is opening up private jet travel and the launch of the platform in the U.S. is another huge step in the direction of making it more accessible to the mainstream traveler.”