Even Norman Rockwell made fun of undecided voters


In art imitating life, a Norman Rockwell painting illustrating the undecided voter sentiment during the 1944 presidential election is hitting the Sotheby’s auction block.

The artwork entitled “Which one? (Undecided; Man in Voting Booth)” features a voter — sadly he is not wearing a red sweater — caught between the Democratic and Republican presidential candidate choices. He analyzes a newspaper featuring pictures of each candidate. The graphic was used as the cover for the Saturday Evening Post during the election season. While probably not as a flamboyant battle as our current election, Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt — seeking his fourth term — and Republican Thomas E. Dewey were pitted against each other during the chaos of WWII.

Those interested in nabbing the timely piece, which comes from the estate of horse racing exec Ogden Mills Phipps who died this April, can bid on it on November 21st. It is estimated to be worth $4 million to $6 million.