Surprise! A 30-year-old tech billionaire bought the most expensive home in SF

Remember when we guessed that the buyer of the most expensive home in San Francisco was a tech mogul? Well we must be geniuses because the buyer was just revealed today and guess what? We were right!

The new owner is none other than 30-year-old Kyle Vogt, founder and CEO of two startups, including Twitch, which he sold to Amazon in 2014 for $970 million, and Cruise, which he sold in March this year to General Motors for more than a billion dollars. Twitch is a live streaming platform where people watch other people play video games, and Cruise makes self-driving autos.

Vogt seems to have cleaned up well enough on the sales that he was able to buy himself this beautiful house at 2250 Vallejo Street in the posh neighborhood of Pacific Heights for $21.8 million (significantly less than its $28 million listing price, but still, like, a lot).

The sellers were Bryan and Tara Meehan of Blue Bottle Coffee, who bought the home in 2012 for only $6.95 million, and then spent a considerable amount converting it into the home it is today. []