People are moving to be closer to their SoulCycle classes

A SoulCycle class

Some people care about the quality of the schools in the neighborhoods they move to. Other people care about the quality of the exercise studios.

According to the Observer, proximity to favorite exercise classes is a major factor for many gym fanatics, who take it into account when selecting an apartment.

“Naturally, when I realized that there was a SoulCycle location two blocks from where I was considering a new apartment, that pretty much sealed the deal for me,” one Soul-enthusiast told the Observer.

Developers are taking note too, and are upping their game when they build gyms in new construction. The Shepherd, for instance, has a gym with herringbone wood up the walls.

Other smaller developments may not have a gym at all, because developers noticed that most people prefer to take a class out with their friends than at home. “Fitness, once a perfunctory and solitary pursuit has become a social experience. In today’s environment, you are just as likely to meet a friend for a class than you are to meet that friend for a beer,” said the managing director of innovation and design at CORE, who clearly has more fit friends than we do.

We’re just waiting for the day when a development has a private SoulCycle class for residents-only. 432 Park should take note. [Observer]