There’s nothing granola-like about the Birkenstock heir’s Fidi penthouse


Outfitting models and fashionistas in norm-core sure looks like it paid off. Alex Birkenstock, heir to the granola-turned-trendy shoe line beloved by old German ladies and supermodels has listed his lavish Fidi penthouse at 40 Broad Street for $20,000-a-month.


The penthouse at 40 Broad Street has 3,500 square feet, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The best part about it is that it comes fully-furnished with a lot of rare antiquities, like a 1,000-pound steel and brass safe bought from the Bank of France in Vichy, France; reclaimed hardwood floors from the Portuguese embassy in Paris; retractable glass garage doors; 1920’s street lights from Brussels; a 1908 two-tier converted gas reflective chandelier; and stainless steel Art Deco doors from the 1920s that were rescued from an Hawaiian theater.


According to 6sqft, Birkenstock purchased the apartment for just under $6 million in 2011, and put it on the market for $13 million in 2014. He dropped the price to $9 million, but it still does not appear to have sold, hence this rental. [6sqft]