Your guests better be thankful when you serve them these $108 biscuits from Neiman Marcus

A couple of weeks ago, Neiman Marcus’ Christmas book was released and gave us all our annual glimpse at the ridiculous festive shopping lists of the absurdly wealthy. There was the $30,000 walk-on role in the Broadway show “Waitress”, the $700,000 week-long visit to three English estates and the $1.5 million Rose Gold private plane. All the things you’ve always wanted to find in your stocking!

So really, nobody should have been surprised that Neiman Marcus’ food department would have equally ostentatious offerings for the holidays:

Collard Greens

Neiman Marcus’ frozen collard greens are “seasoned with just the right amount of spices and bacon,” which might justify their price of $66 plus $15.50 shipping. And yes, these have actually sold out.

Baked Bean Medley

For just $80 plus $18 shipping, a “colorful array of beans combined with bacon, barbecue sauce, brown sugar, molasses, beef brisket/pork shoulder, green peppers, onions, and spices” could be yours.

Butternut Squash with Pecans

Who wouldn’t want to pay almost $100 for one whole tray of “butternut squash, pecans, honey, maple syrup, and seasonings.” Bargain.

Callie’s Charleston Biscuits Bite-Size Biscuits

For a combined total of $107 you could get your hands on some bite-sized biscuits. We dread to think how much full-size would cost.

NM Exclusive Bourbon Creamed Corn

This isn’t just any creamed corn, this is Neiman Marcus exclusive creamed corn, which will set you back $58 plus $15.50 shipping.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Gingerbread Mansion

For $150 I would expect to be able to stay in this gingerbread mansion for a whole damn weekend. Mercifully, it comes with free shipping – certainly a Christmas miracle.