This pampered pussy’s living room is way nicer than yours

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It’s not every day a kitty’s domicile is profiled in Elle Decor!

But then again, not every cat is Persian feline, Lord Descartes, whose customized living space is way better decorated than your own and may even rival fellow faux-Lord, Lord Disick’s.

In honor of National Cat Day last week, interior design firm Laurel & Wolf were called upon by Lord Descartes’ owner, Olivia, to create the ultimate kitty play area. The finished product includes such luxe features as a golden Sputnik chandelier, lucite materials, a velvet Chesterfield sofa set and palm tree-print wall paper that the firm says is “reminiscent of his favorite Beverly Hills haunts.” There’s also a high-pile Moroccan-inspired rug, fancy mouse taxidermy and a “Pretty on fleek” pillow the Lord can use to rest his weary and valuable head — his fur is rumored to be insured for $10,000.

Are we jealous of this miniature King of the Jungle’s cat castle? One hundred purr-cent!