You’ll soon be able to enjoy white truffles at … Newark airport?

White truffles arrive at the airport
White truffles arrive at the airport

White truffles are one of the most prized and expensive foods in the world, usually found at only the best restaurants. Next week, however, you’ll be able to find them in another, more unlikely place: Newark airport.

Actually, only the United Airlines terminal C at Newark airport, where six restaurants have teamed up with Urbani to offer a series of truffle dishes for white truffle week from November 5-12th. Over $600,000 worth of white truffles have been flown in to the airport for the event.

Among the restaurants participating are star-chef Mario Carbone’s Abruzzo Italian Steakhouse and Casciano’s. “You appreciate truffles because they’re an ingredient that goes away,” Carbone told LLNYC, referencing the food’s exceptionally short season. He admits he prefers black truffles to white truffles.

The other restaurants participating are Wanderlust Burger Bar (where you can eat a truffle burger while you watch a baseball game on the many, many screens), Caps Beer Garden, Saison and the DAILY, where the chef swaps the menu each day. With the exception of Casciano’s, each restaurant will also be pairing their dishes with a specific wine.

As sophisticated as your truffle meal might be, however, there are always reminders that you’re eating in an airport. All table knives, for instance, are made from plastic (forks and spoons are metal) and it’s hard to ignore the constant flight announcements ringing in your ears. The food is heavy, also, and better suited for a long layover rather than a quick bit before boarding a flight.

Still, dining on truffles isn’t the worst way to spend your time in an airport, and all of the chefs are offering creative dishes that are a pleasure to eat. Just make sure you pop a mint before your flight; the person sitting next to you may not wish to smell the truffles on your breath.