Some optimistic people are planning to laugh at Trump Tower on Wednesday

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While many of us will be spending Wednesday morning nursing post election night hangovers bought on from far too much celebrating/commiserating, one Facebook event suggests an option other than wasting away the day guzzling Gatorade and Advil: pointing and laughing at Trump Tower at 725 Fifth Avenue..

“On November 9th, the day after Donald Trump has cemented himself forever in history as a Loser, lets have Americans of all stripes and creeds gather at his office to point and laugh,” reads the Facebook event page. “Together, we as a nation, will unite to let Mr. Trump know that we all view him as a tiny, little man underserving of our respect.” (sic) 

According to DNAinfo, the idea occurred to event creator Jon Bershad on his walk to and from work at an ad agency, where he passed foreign tourists snapping photos of the 68-story skyscraper fronted by Trump’s name in flashy gold letters.

11,000 people currently claim they will attend, with 34,000 saying they are “interested.”[DNAinfo]