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A REFLECTIVE MOOD: Trevor Noah was photographed in his office backstage at “The Daily Show.” He’s wearing a wool knit sweater by Ermenegildo Zegna, $695.
Trevor Noah (photo credit: Studio Scrivo)

A year ago, Trevor Noah may have been the surprise choice to take over for Jon Stewart as the host of “The Daily Show.” But thanks to his epic rants about this year’s presidential election — bits that immediately went viral on social media — this month’s cover star has made a name for himself.

Now that this fresh-faced 32-year-old millennial has connected with the public, he’s sharing his own story of surviving a childhood cursed by the apartheid system, which classified him a “criminal” because his parents were mixed-race. Noah sat down with LLNYC to discuss his latest book, “Born a Crime,” and some of the dangers he faced as a child. The story is both poignant and funny, like Noah himself, who wasn’t allowed to be seen with his Swiss father in public.

It’s been a strange trip for Noah, who was so poor as a child that his family ate worms sometimes for nutrition, and he marvels at finding himself interviewing presidents and celebrities and living a fast-paced New York City life. He promises to keep pushing the envelope on “The Daily Show” and pointing out the absurd side of life.

For another take on the absurd, we have a profile of the the prolific Cindy Adams, the longtime New York Post columnist. From her perch – she’s been writing her column for 35 years – Adams says she has seen gossip become “too evil” today in its invasiveness, fueled by social media. But people can’t help themselves. As Adams says, “Nobody knows something without wanting to tell they know it.”

For another gossipy take on the 1 percent, we have a review of “Odd Mom Out” star Jill Kargman’s new book “Sprinkle Glitter On My Grave.” Kargman devotes a whole chapter to rich people’s problems, including the rupturing of a breast implant on the Concorde and someone choking on frogs’ legs. It’s snarky and darkly funny, written like only an insider can – Kargman knows this world of privilege well. Her father, after all, is the former president and COO of Chanel, Arie Kopelman

What goes well with frogs legs? Well wine, of course. For that we attended a wine auction at Zachys and drank some of the best Bordeaux with some very in-the-know connoisseurs. We also rounded up the top wines sold at auction in New York City this year, so take a sniff.

Has the election worn you out? Need to get out of town? We’ve got the the chicest hotels to book for your trip to Art Basel Miami Beach. Want a place to call your own? We also round up the hottest new condos on the market in Miami. The market there has hit a lull and there are deals to be had on some very pricey pads. Don’t say we didn’t give you a heads up.

We bring you the fourth in our ongoing series, “Board Approved,” which looks inside the most prestigious co-ops in the city and profiles their most famous residents. In this issue, we have 960 Fifth Avenue, where the older buyers have WASPy nicknames like “Nonie,” while the newer ones who paid record or near-record prices are bigwigs who hail from Egypt, Iran and Peru.

As always, we offer you news from 10 different neighborhoods in Manhattan. We went clubbing at ’70s-themed club VNYL on the Lower East Side, slurped some Paleo diet-approved broth at Springbone in Greenwich Village and felt a little lonely in our seating pod for two at the super luxe movie iPic movie theater in the re-developed Fulton Market.

And just in time for the holidays, we can help you tackle your gift list with great presents for all the important but picky people in your life, plus treats for yourself, including gorgeous jewelry and winter fashions.

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