It’s raining white truffles! The Italian delicacy is more affordable than ever this year

White-Truffle-Product-PicThose with a hankering for white truffles can now get more tasty goodness for their money. Heavy rains in Italy’s Tanaro river basin have caused a bumper harvest, making it rain Alba white truffles. The season, which usually starts in November, has gotten a jump and began in September. And because of the rules of supply and demand, prices are down by 30 percent from last year, according to Bloomberg.

“The truffles are fantastic,” Francesco Mazzei, chef-patron at Sartoria restaurant in London told Bloomberg. “They started early, and we are selling quite a lot.”

The discounted price means $109 will get you 72 grams of the delicacy. Because only about five grams is needed per person, this is indeed a bargain. Invite all your friends!

But be warned: Not every distributor will pass on cost savings, and quality can vary.

As chef Jacob Kenedy of Bocca di Lupo restaurant in London counsels, know your supplier before you score. “Just saying they are from Alba increases the margin. You need to know your dealer, like any sort of dealer, to be sure you get the right stuff.”

Recipes are popping up at fine restaurants all over and some even report already being sold out of truffles. But no worries, you can just head to Newark airport and sample them there. [Bloomberg]