Get ready, 432 Park is about to disrupt the city’s skyline even more


It’s already hard not to notice the form of 432 Park Avenue, towering over the rest of the New York skyline like a pencil pushed out of its box. And now, the massive building is set to exert an even stronger presence on the rest of the city, when, starting Monday, it will debut its new lighting feature.

Admittedly, it’s not the most dramatic light show we’ve seen from New York skyscrapers (though it’s pretty good for a residential building). The 1,396-foot tower has five open-air “drum floors” that house the building’s mechanical equipment, and those floors will now light up with 32 LED lights every night starting at sunset. Each drum floor is 30 feet tall, and they are located on the 31st, 45th, 60th, 74th and 89th floors.


The light show is the work of the building’s architect, Rafael Viñoly, and the lighting design firm HDLC Architectural Lighting Design. Viñoly calls the lighting installation “a way to celebrate and highlight the integral breaks in the building,” but personally, we think it’s just a way to make it seem like there are actually people living there.