Canada Goose is now offering a $10K adventure vacation

(image credit: Butterfield & Robinson)
(image credit: Butterfield & Robinson)

Luxury coat makers Canada Goose have paired up with luxury tour operator Butterfield & Robinson to offer, you guessed it, luxury adventure vacations — ones that will almost certainly make it necessary to wear a Canada Goose jacket (unlike, say crazy New Yorkers in November).

The two Canadian brands will launch their new partnership with two trips: the first in Iceland and the second in Newfoundland, and activities will range from snorkeling and sea kayaking to snowmobiling and all-terrain adventures. Plus, guests will stay at luxurious wilderness lodges and be dressed in Canada Goose apparel.

“The world is a magical place and these fantastic adventures will make it easy for people to experience what’s great out there!” said Kevin Spreekmeester, Chief Brand Officer of Canada Goose in a press release. “Guests will experience Canada Goose product in the settings and environments we were inspired by and they were designed for.”

The Iceland Adventure will set you back $9,995 per person for six days; and the Newfoundland Adventure is $5,495 per person for four days.