Madonna to co-op board: “Don’t preach” to me

One West 64th Street and Madonna (photo credit: Chris Weger)

It seems like Madonna is going to be “hung up” on her co-op board situation for a while.

Back in April, the pop star filed a lawsuit against her co-op board at One West 64th Street, also known as Harperley Hall, in which she claimed the board had intentionally amended her lease to keep her family and staff out of the expensive duplex when she was not also present.

Until now, it was not clear who exactly was staying in the residence while she was away. But a new letter from her lawyer reveals that that person is none other than her “adult daughter,” 20-year-old Lourdes Leon. According to Page Six, Madonna’s attorney wrote to a Manhattan judge that Madonna is “entitled” to let Leon live in the apartment she has owned for eight years.

In her lawsuit, Madonna claims that the board changed her original 2014 lease so that no person under the age of 16 could stay in the apartment unless an adult over the age of 21 is also present. Madonna has four children; two are 16 or older and two are under the age of 16.

Madonna noted in an affidavit she filed in October that it is nearly impossible for her to fulfill the board’s requirement since she is an internationally-known musician and travels across the globe on a regular basis. [NYP]