New Yorkers will face four years of gridlock due to Trump presidency

After an extremely stressful week for our nation, New Yorkers now have an added worry. DNAinfo reports that according to Gridlock Sam (aka transportation engineer Sam Schwartz), we are expected to have to endure massive traffic for the next four years due to the Trump presidency.

Because the new Commander-in-Chief resides in 725 Fifth Avenue when in town — which has recently become a target for protesters — there will surely be high security in the area throughout his reign.

“In a nutshell, there will be more traffic disruptions and ‘Trumplock’ ahead,” explained Sam Schwartz, who formerly served as the city’s Department of Transportation Commissioner. Recently, the area has been barricaded and protected by a line of sanitation trucks. Security measures are likely to last for the duration of Trump’s term, rerouting Fifth Avenue traffic to Park Avenue.

“One can expect that whenever some group is unhappy with his policies — and one need not to have a crystal ball to know that that’s going to happen — instead of going to Washington, they’ll march on Trump Tower,” Schwartz continued, explaining the gridlock resulting will be “yuge”.

The cherry on the top of this “Sunday” traffic? If Guiliani is appointed to Trump’s cabinet, it is likely when he is out and about in Manhattan he will also add to the traffic chaos. [DNA Info]