A new luxury development in Beverly Hills is offering robot butlers

Residents at Ten Thousand, a luxury 40-story building in Beverly Hills, are set to have a space-age amenity available to them when they move in this January.

According to the Daily Mail, the building’s future tenants – who will be spending anywhere between $8,500 and $25,000 per month on rent – will have access to a robot butler named Charley. The “electronic valets”, which are designed by California-based robotics company Saviokel, are reportedly controlled by special iPads and will deliver packages, meals and drinks, and can even operate elevators.

People rely on technology more than ever to simplify their lives, but often technology can prove challenging for residents,” Roman Speron, vice president of Crescent Heights who are operating the building, told the Daily Mail. “We have simplified the process so that residents can enjoy more leisure time, from having a parcel that just arrived to getting a morning latte delivered via robot to their front door.”

Along with a fleet of Charleys, the building will come with staffers who can take dogs on walks or pick up groceries, a house Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Cadillac Escalade, a one-acre private park, and in-house Botox sessions.

We wonder if the robot will be able to administer the botox? Now there’s an amenity! [Daily Mail]