Gift calculator uses “likes” to calculate the value of relationships

The online retailer Jet has just launched a “careculator” to help you determine how much each of your relationships is worth, and therefore how much swag you should be bestowing on your nearest and dearest this holiday season. But how could the worth of a relationship possibly be calculated? The only way that matters — through social media interactions, of course!

According to Apartment Therapy, the careculator suggests how much you should spend on people based on how much they engage with your Facebook posts. Log into your account and Jet will see how many likes and comments you’ve gotten from them, assign a value and offer you gift options.

The tongue-in-cheek system’s obvious flaw though, is that it doesn’t consider actual real-life relationships, but then if my mom never comments on my Facebook posts, she really doesn’t deserve any gifts anyway. [Apartment Therapy]