The Goop gift guide is just as ridiculous as we ever dreamed!

The yurt of your dreams.
The portable yurt of your dreams.

Want to help your loved ones live their best lives this holiday season? Well then happy Goops-giving to you because the Goop gift guide is here and it’s just as ridiculous as we ever dreamed it could be.

To be fair, Goop’s guide does seem to be extremely self-aware and it’s even titled “The Ridiculous, But Awesome Gift Guide” with a sub-head that reads “Because it wouldn’t be a goop gift guide without a portable yurt.”

A $8,300 portable yurt is indeed one of the many fine items for sale on the guide. There’s also Dennis Hopper’s Personal Record Collection for $150,000, Theodent 300 toothpaste for $120 (actually on sale on Amazon right now for $113.99!), a moss wall garden for $599 and our personal favorite, a pelvic floor exercise tracker for $199 (“Ultimately, it’s the gift of a better orgasm” Goop helpfully explains).

Somewhat out of place, the guide also includes a $28 “VinniBag,” which is essentially a to-go bag for wine. We guess when you’re done using your pelvic floor exercise tracker and have climbed out of your yurt, the first thing you’re going to need is a glass of wine. Goopers, they’re just like us.