The latest trend for wealthy home buyers is bathrooms with a view

A bathroom at 432 Park Avenue
A bathroom at 432 Park Avenue

Pimped out bathrooms are nothing new for the affluent set, but the latest amenity is more about what’s outside the room than in it. According to Bloomberg, anyone who is anyone now covets a restroom with a view.

“I always suggest designing bathrooms with a view,” designer Clodagh whose focus is on nature and sustainability,  told Bloomberg, “That’s a room, remember, that used to be called a water closet, because it was so tucked away. But you spend eight or 10 hours in there a week, and it’s one of the places where you can refresh, renew and get natural light. The skin is the largest organ on your body, and taking in natural light is very propitious for health and wellness.”

Developers of luxury condos have jumped on the bathroom-with-a-view-train, placing restrooms in prominent areas of the home and often even including skylights in them for maximum natural light. Tubs are often perched directly across from floor-to-ceiling windows featuring park or water vistas. What better way for royalty to sit upon their throne and look out over their kingdom?

And those flush with cash are willing to pay for this ultimate luxury. According to a prominent real estate broker in New York City, “The bathtub in front of a picturesque window? It’s become iconic for the uber-wealthy. A bathroom with a view catapults you to the super-luxury caliber, not just the everyday luxury class.”

Still a restroom should be a sanctuary and privacy is still important. For the tech geeks out there, a flip of a switch will frost over the clear walls and windows in bathrooms in Zaha Hadid’s building in West Chelsea.

Of course, there can sometimes be too much of a good thing. The condos at 737 Park feature bathrooms where two toilets face each other. While certainly a view, this is one that may be best left unseen. [Bloomberg]