Eataly is opening a $106M Italian-food theme park in 2017

An interior rendering of Eataly World (photo credit: Eataly)
An interior rendering of Eataly World (photo credit: Eataly)

Better stock up on elastic waistband pants. In September 2017, a 20-acre Italian food theme park called “Eataly World” will debut in Bologna, Italy. Not only will it be chock full of tasty Italian treats — 25 different restaurants and food stalls to be exact — but it will also house 108,000 square feet of orchards, gardens, and pastures, 40 different cheese and pasta workshops, and about six million tourists. Oh, and the whole thing has a $106 million dollar price tag.

Bloomberg got a glimpse behind the scenes in a recent interview with Tiziana Primori, the CEO of Eataly World. She explains that the mega-complex will not only be serving greens, it will focus on “green design” as well. Part of the hefty price tag will be going toward eco-friendly construction, such as the use of reclaimed wood to construct the building. In addition, it will have 44,000 solar panels — more than any single property in Europe.


And what better way to burn off some calories than the proposed combined bike/shopping carts? Five hundred Bianchi vehicles will be available for visitors to get to all corners of the theme park.

“Everyone will want one. They’re like the station wagon which was originally built for work but then became everyone’s family car,” explained Primori.

Visitors will also get to gaze upon a wide assortment of farm animals — nine kinds of cows, five types of pigs, goats and sheep and rabbit, geese and guinea hens.

And no theme park is complete without rides: look for six virtual ones.

If the thought of it all is overwhelming, rest easy; Eataly World will also be offering a 200-room hotel on the property in 2018. [Bloomberg]