Ahoy! A humpback whale has moved into the Hudson River

Of all the things we would expect to find floating in the Hudson River, a humpback whale is probably at the bottom of the list.

But alas, apparently conservation efforts to clean up the famously-polluted river have paid off because a humpback whale has been confirmed to be living in the waters. “Rather than go all the way up to Massachusetts and Maine, they’ve found a good feeding ground right here in New York,” the head of an organization called “Gotham Whale” told the Times. Never before has the organization’s name been so true!

Apparently this whale, which has been nicknamed Gotham, has been living his best life, doing something called “lunge feeding” where he takes huge gulps of water and hopefully grabs a few fish along the way.

Still, Gotham faces some danger — particularly from passing fishermen or boats who might accidentally harm it. The Coast Guard has warned everyone traveling in the water to slow down to avoid distressing him.

Thankfully, Gotham’s size gives him an advantage and allows him to claim something that pretty much no other New York-transplant can: being a big fish in a small pond. [NYT]