New holiday art unveiled in Flatiron District

The Flatiron District is getting a fresh new look for the holiday season.

This week, the Flatiron Partnership, a Business Improvement District, partnered with the Van Alen Institute to unveil LOT’s Flatiron Sky-Line. The art installation is a series of ten large contiguous arches constructed of white powder-coated steel tubes with LED lights. There are also hammocks suspended from the arches — although it’s a bit chilly for outdoor relaxation in our opinion.

The installation is by LOT, an NYC design firm, and Flatiron Sky-Line will be the firm’s first large-scale public installation in the city.

“Flatiron Sky-Line creates a dynamic new social space underneath its illuminated arches. The structure invites visitors to walk within and around it, gaze through it toward the skyline, and experience the Flatiron District’s surroundings through a unique lens,” LOT principal Leonidas Trampoukis said in a press release. “The simplicity of the design draws in passersby and inspires them to savor this iconic intersection.”