Rich people are having a much nicer time traveling home for Thanksgiving than you are

Traveling on Thanksgiving weekend is one of the worst, most unpleasant experiences of the year (and we’re including having to eat dinner with your Trump-supporter uncle).

But if you happen to be a member of the 1%, then suddenly traveling this weekend becomes a lot more pleasant. Forget mile-long security lines, elbows jamming into you in Penn Station and endless delays. Instead, think champagne buckets, reclining airplane seats and even a cuddle with your dog.

Want to know what you’re missing? Thankfully, these lucky travelers have taken the Instagram shots to prove what a nice time they’re having while you suffer. #Blessed

Awesome flight to Boston! 📸 ✈️ 😻 thanks to @jetsmarter

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Mocha and Mads get a trip on dad’s jet together 🛩 #jetsmarter

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