Donald Trump’s campaign store is selling holiday ornament for the yuge price of $149

Those looking for the perfect way to celebrate a white Christmas need look no further. Through his campaign store, Donald Trump has debuted these nifty “Make America Great Again” hat ornaments for the bargain price of $149. According to the marketing copy, the brass and 14-karat finish trinket “is sure to make any tree stand out.”

Of course, as my colleague put it, “If you can afford $149 for a tree ornament, America is already great…for you.”

And if recent events have you down, get a good dose of cheer by reading the reviews on Amazon, where jokesters are busy making America funny again with snarky comments like, “Not safe if you have cats in the house” and “The only Christmas ornament that will try to deport your nativity scene.”

The one upside? According to the Daily News, it is made in the USA.

We are sure sales will be yuge.