Attention shoppers: The biggest handbag store in the world is opening in London


Tired of your Birkin? We have a suggestion for where to go.

Selfridges in London is opening a new handbag section as part of their $374 million renovation, and at 61,000 square feet, it is slated to be the largest shoppable handbag collection in the entire world when it opens in 2018. It will offer approximately 70,000 accessories from brands like Hermès, Chanel, Valentino and Charlotte Olympia, with prices going up to about $25,000.

“I think it is important to point out that it was actually never our objective to create the world’s biggest luxury accessories hall — biggest doesn’t necessarily mean best,” the merchandising director for Selfridges told the Times. Apparently it just needed to be that big to contain all of the glorious bags, scarves and sunglasses. “We have had this plan in the pipeline for many years now, and once we had packed in the fruits of all our work, research, experimentation and innovation, it took this much space to contain it all.”

According to the Times, this may not be the worst idea, as handbags sales are up 30 percent since 2003. Handbags are increasingly seen by women as investment pieces they can use over and over again — a trend that is perhaps best demonstrated by the record prices set by Birkin bags at auction seemingly every six months. [NYT]