Italian rich kid of Instagram was arrested for allegedly faking his own kidnapping

Lapo Elkann, grandson of Fiat’s chief Gianni Agnelli has been arrested in New York for allegedly faking his own kidnapping in an attempt to squeeze $10,000 out of his relatives, reports the Daily Beast.

According to the Beast, the 39-year-old rich kid of Instagram (and cofounder of the eyewear company, Italia Independent), arrived in New York on Thursday when he promptly connected with a 29-year-old male escort.

Then, in a somewhat dingy move for an automobile heir, the pair reportedly holed themselves up in a housing project where they consumed alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. They did this for about two days until the money ran dry. It was then that Elkann concocted his plot, in which he allegedly called his relatives and let them know that a woman was holding him captive and he “would be hurt” unless the family paid $10,000.

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Of course, the family called the police, who “lured” the men to a location where they arranged to pick up the money. The police nabbed the pair and charged Elkann with filing a false police report and gave him a desk ticket.

Elkann is no stranger to scandal; the heir (who loves to brag about all the stuff he owns on Instagram), almost died of a drug overdose in 2005 and in 2015 three Italian paparazzi were accused of blackmailing him over a video they had showing him engaging in “compromising” behavior. [The Daily Beast]