A Jeff Koons balloon dog smashed on the floor at Art Basel

Ding, dong, a Jeff Koons balloon dog is dead.

Yesterday at Art Basel Miami showings, one of the artist’s famous balloon dogs was brutally murdered by a mysterious force, reports the Observer.

“It just fell out of the display,” says Ally Shapiro, daughter of Jill Zarin and one of the few people to see the drama take place. “The girl standing next to it had it cleaned up in five seconds.”

The dog was one of three on display by the French porcelain maker Bernardaud, which were on sale for $8,000 – $9,000 with proceeds benefiting MOCA. (The dog is also available to buy here).

“Balloon Dog is a very optimistic piece, it’s a balloon that a clown would have maybe twist for you at a birthday party. But at the same time there’s the profoundness of an archaic sculpture,” Koons said in a statement about the work. Personally, we think we’ll stick with actual balloon dogs; when they fall on the floor, nothing shatters. [Observer]