You can now hire someone to come up with a wedding hashtag for your big day

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My good friend recently got engaged and while discussing her wedding plans, she tasked me with a very important job for the ceremony: coming up with a clever, sweet and family-friendly wedding hashtag people can use on the big day when they tag their photos.

As someone who comes up with headlines and puns all day long, I had some — rather ridiculous — ideas. And it seems another editor, Marielle Wakim, from Los Angeles magazine, has decided to turn her own skill for coming up with hashtags into an actual business. Called Happily Ever #Hashtagged, the company charges $40 to come up with the perfect hashtag for your event ($85 if you want a selection of three to choose from).

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The process for getting a hashtag is relatively simple. All you need to do is fill in your names, the location of your wedding, a description of the couple (“What’s your love story? What do you love to do together? How do your friends describe you?”) and what kind of hashtag you want (funny, sentimental, “anything is fine because I’m desperate,” etc).

Some examples of her work include #MollyPicksUpTheTempo for Molly Goldbach and Chad Tempo, #KatieSaysIDOugherty for Katie Gaston and Connor Dougherty, and #VanAndWife for Paige Thomas and Chad Van Norman.

Our response? #awww. [NYMag]