Johnny Cash’s former Tennessee property now up for sale for an unspecified price

The former longtime property of legendary crooner Johnny Cash has hit the market.

While his onetime 14,000-square-foot home is no longer standing — sadly it burned in a ring of fire in 2007 — the 4.5-acre property on which it stood along with a small one-bedroom house is available to the right person.

The seller, James Gresham, says it might be best suited for “some person [who] is a huge Johnny Cash fan.” In fact, he will only agree to sell to someone he deems suitable. Gresham also says he has not named a specific listing price because, “There is nothing you can use as a comp.” He continues, “We’re going to see what the market is and go from there.”

Cash isn’t the only famous name attached to the Henderson land. According to the WSJ, records show Gresham bought the estate for $2 million in 2014 from Barry Gibb of Bee Gees fame. The Gibbs were in the process of restoring the home when the fire destroyed it nine years ago.

Even with no home attached and a purchase price of $2 million just two years ago, the broker expects to command cash for Cash — the Cash name that is. He says he suspects the property will garner multi-millions for it due to its “pedigree”.