Jean Shafiroff forbade anyone from bringing toy guns to her charity drive

This socialite isn’t toying around!

Jean Shafiroff held a fancy cocktail party at her home last week (as she is wont to do) and guests were asked to bring toys and gifts for underprivileged children. However, according to Page Six, Shafiroff turned people away from the party if they brought a certain gift with them that she didn’t approve of: toy guns.

“Some people were not admitted because they weren’t on the list and were looking to crash a swanky soiree,” a source told Page Six. “Others were not admitted, sadly, because they didn’t heed her request about bringing toy guns. She is ‘deadly serious’ about the matter.”

To be fair, it seems Shafiroff did warn everyone in advance not to bring the toys, so we guess no one should have been surprised. We wonder if Shafiroff’s friend, Georgina Bloomberg (whose father is famously opposed to guns) played a part in this.

The party was to benefit one of Shafiroff’s many charities, the Misison Society.  [NYP]