Lady Gaga wore a $1M hat for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show

Lady Gaga has worn a lot of weird things in her life, but this might just top them all.

At the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which was filmed in Paris last night and which will air on CBS on December 5th, the pop star donned a hat reportedly worth $1 million by the designer Gladys Tamez to perform her song “John Wayne” from her new album “Joanne.”

Why is this single garment worth the same as a one-bedroom apartment? Apparently it is embellished with 45,700 Swarovski crystals and took 10 people 300 hours to create. According to a press release “the glimmering pinpoints of light on the black felt background of the hat represent optimism and hope and the importance of being true to oneself.” We guess Gaga’s true self is worth a pretty nice sum of money.

The hat’s price was inspired by the million-dollar “fantasy bra” Victoria’s Secret creates each year (this year’s was actually worth $3 million), as well as Gaga’s song “Million Reasons.”