Men are wearing luxury athleisure now too

Rhone activewear in action.
Rhone activewear in action.

We all know “athleisure” is having a moment. But why should women have all the fun? Two new men’s luxury activewear lines, Rhone and Plein Sport, will deliver the perfect outfits for the well-heeled yet sporty man with an eye for detail.

Rhone was founded in 2013 by Nate Checketts, an ex-NFL employee, and Kyle McClure, a former NCAA lacrosse player. Disappointed by the quality of men’s athletic wear, Checketts set about to create a line of clothing that would look stylish, be durable and remain odor free for more than 15 washes — the average for most mass market athletic brands. In 2014, they added melted-down silver onto a polyester-based yarn in order to keep wares odor-free through 50 washes.

They continued to innovate and now have a fabric called GoldFusion that remains odor-free and colorfast through 100 washes, dries faster and has a higher UPF protection. The line will be available in stores in the spring; you can pre-order the collection through Indiegogo.

The second prominent line to enter this arena is Plein Sport. Started by designer Philipp Plein, the luxury activewear line will open three stores in Milan, Paris and Amsterdam this December. It is already a success, having raked in about 10 million euros.

“Activewear is extremely successful because there is always a high demand for that. People are doing sports and they are taking care of themselves and their bodies more than ever. Everybody keeps buying activewear way more than they buy couture,” Plein told the Observer.