Birkin scraps are repurposed into surprising (and adorable) objects

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Hermès Birkin bags are made from the rarest and most valuable materials in the world, which we suppose justifies their exorbitant prices. But what happens to the bits and pieces of the fabric that don’t make it into the bag?

Though most luxury retailers throw out the leftover materials, Hermès in 2010 started repurposing them into tiny and adorable objects that are the perfect stocking stuffers for Upper East Side children. A leather pinwheel, for instance, is made from “Epsom calfskin and hackberry wood” and costs $335 for a small size; a shopping bag made from leftover scarf silks is $550; a card holder with a hippo pullout made from crocodile leather is $610.

Now, the petit h objects are now on display in Hermès’ flagship store on Madison Avenue until January 7th, and will pop up at Hermès Wall Street from December 10th through the 11th, and at their parfumerie from the 16th-18th.

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